Safely Navigate the Web with URU Key, a FIDO2 Authenticator

URU Key is a small, custom FIDO2 Authenticator that uses a fingerprint scanner to authenticate yourself on WebAuthN-enabled websites.

The internet was not designed with security in mind, but new standards are helping to ensure that users can continue to safely and easily interact with it. A standard called FIDO2 WebAuthN allows users to login to their accounts online using their biometrics, mobile devices, or FIDO security keys — and with much higher security over passwords alone. Andrey Ovcharov, a hobbyist electrical engineer, is working on implementing a custom FIDO2 Authenticator with his hardware project URU Key.

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New Green Technology Generates Electricity "Out of Thin Air"

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a device called Air-gen that generates electricity using water vapor.

Solar power needs concentrated sunlight, wind power requires strong winds, and hydroelectric power requires strong currents, but now there’s a new green technology that only needs the air around it. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have recently developed a device to create electricity, only using moisture in the air by leveraging naturally occurring proteins.

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Kraken Security Labs Can Now Voltage Glitch Trezor Wallet Cryptocurrency Away

Using voltage glitching, Kraken Security Labs has found a way to crack the encrypted seeds in Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

Many individuals who own cryptocurrency have begun to use hardware wallets to enable two-factor authentication for their digital cryptocurrency. However, it’s hard for any piece of technology to truly be secure as one of the largest hardware wallet providers, Trezor, is learning. Kraken Security Labs, a security affiliate of the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, has recently found a way to crack Trezor Wallets encrypted seeds using voltage glitching..

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Subliminally Hack Your Heart with ambienBeat

A wrist-worn heart rate regulator to help manage stress and stay awake.

Life can be a balancing act when it comes to managing stress. There are a lot of external stimuli that we utilize to reset our bodies like drinking a cup of coffee to stay awake late at night or some herbal tea to get to bed. MIT’s Tangible Media Group wants to take a new approach to our external health by using our own internal heartbeat to subliminally hack our well-being with ambienBeat.

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NFC Copy Cat — One Stop Shop for Testing Payment Systems

NFC Copy Cat is a device to learn and test both magnetic stripe and NFC payment systems. It does so utilizing the tools NFCopy and MagSpoof.

Many of the coffee shops I go to in New York City no longer have magnetic swipe card readers, in favor of more secure near-field communication (NFC) readers —  the method of wireless data transfer that’s used for services like Apple Pay. But as payment systems evolve, so do cybersecurity researchers who learn of new ways to reveal the flaws in current technologies. One such researcher, Salvador Mendoza, is exposing vulnerabilities with payment systems using his device NFC Copy Cat.

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