Cyril 'Nick' Engmann

Cyril 'Nick' Engmann

Systems Architecture Engineer

“I’m Nick Engmann and I hack & design hardware & web dev projects to try & stand out in the crowd & mentor the engineers of tomorrow”

I’m an aspiring inventor who seeks to learn something new every day. I graduated the University of Texas at Austin Spring of 2016 with a bachelors in Integrated Circuits and Computer Engineering and a minor in Government.

My interests include robotics, cyber-security, internet of things technology, defense, consulting, app development, and event organizing. However, the list of all my passions extends much further.

My dream job is to obtain a position where I can create new things to help better all the individuals around me. If you’re interested in someone with my skill-set, or would like to discuss something tech. related feel free to reach out.

I’d love to talk.

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11216, Brooklyn, New York, United States
(214) 316-0638
Nick Engmann



Systems Architecture Engineer at Circadence

Working on the Research and Development team at Circadence to provide state of the art technologies for cyber-security penetration testing.


  • Responsible for architecting, implementing and testing multiple software and firmware solutions for custom hardware.
  • Utilized Software Defined Radio to spawn a custom 4GLTE Base station. Created an operation GUI for users to forward traffic, track logs and maintain Command and Control channels
  • Maintains two high quality 3D printers for both rapid design and production
  • Utilized CAD software to design multiple enclosures for custom hardware solutions.
  • Designed multiple custom PCB solutions utilizing both the ESP32 and ATTiny85 chipset.

Contributing Freelance Writer at Hackster

Researched and covered different technologies that interest the readership.


  • Curated 13 different articles, with concepts ranging from green energy technologies to hardware cybersecurity solutions.

Co-Founder at Flashcards for Developers

Developed a website to help individuals with technical interview prep using flashcards


  • Researched and curated content based on user wants/needs
  • Part of a small development team to iterate on React web application features.
  • Managed a team of up to 4 contractors.

Embedded Software Engineer at SPAWAR

Worked in a premire government research labatory on Robotics Projects.


  • Built a Cybersecure Radio platform
  • Architected a solution to upgrade the communications platform to support the JAUS protocol on the TALON Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot, using external embedded devices.
  • Wrote a radio command API with 12 different function calls which interface with an embedded modular radio.
  • Developed a React/Django application to calculate ROI on Cybersecurity tools for specific environments.
  • Famialized with various Linux build environments such as bitbake, cmake, and make.

Coach at Major League Hacking

Regularly attend student computer programming competitions as official representative of national organizing body, Major League Hacking (MLH).


  • Regular public speaking experience in front of 500+ people
  • Presentations involve communicating technical topics to audience of varying skill levels.
  • Teach developers how to solve a wide variety of programming challenges and actively help them debug problems across a variety of languages & platforms.


Bachelor in Electrical Engineering & Government from University of Texas - Austin

Exchange Student in Spanish from Universidad de Cantabria

Founder in Startup School from YCombinator


How to Build In-Plants, a Mesh-Connected Soil Monitoring System by Particle

Utilize the Internet of Things to watch over your house plants.

Playing with Yourself: The Power of Personal Projects by Hackernoon

How personal projects have changed my life and how you can get started making your own.

Powering Your E-Commerce Application with Image Classification by Medium

An introduction into using Clarifai’s custom training imgae recognition platform.

Alexa, Attack Intruders by Hackaday

Designed an Alexa activated Nerf Turret home defense system.


Fluency: Native speaker
Fluency: Native speaker
Fluency: full-professional-proficiency
Fluency: professional-working-proficiency
Fluency: limited-working-proficiency


Web Development
Level: Master
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Python
Systems Engineering
Level: Master
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • OpenSCAD
  • IoT
  • Hardware


  • Physical Security
  • Close Access Technology
Internet of Things
  • Wireless Embeded Technology
  • NFC
  • 4G-LTE
  • 5G